A beautiful space doesn't happen by accident.

We'll work together to craft something you'll love for years to come.

Every great design begins with a great process.

There are three phases that we’ll walk through as we’re crafting your space:


1. In-Person Consultation

I visit your home to see the space you’re renovating/refreshing or to review your new construction plans. I’ll take measurements, offer any top-of-mind ideas and discuss your wants, needs, and budget for your space, and get a sense for your style. (The $50 consultation fee is deducted from the project if you decide to move forward)


2. Creation of Design Board

Based on our conversation, I will prepare customized electronic Design Boards for you complete with layout, paint colors, textile swatches, furniture and lighting selections and I will bring physical samples of any applicable materials such as tile, cabinetry, etc. I always present 3-5 options for each component on the Design Board. However, this is just a starting point as we will review in depth what you love about the proposed design vs. what you’d like to see additional options for. I will return with as many iterations as needed to end up with a design and space you absolutely LOVE.

Here are some recent examples of design boards.


3. Follow-Up and Styling

This step is different for every project, but I will typically be as involved as you’d like me to be, including checking in throughout renovations, selecting accessories, and styling the finished space. The project isn’t done until you love the space and it feels like the best version of YOU.

New-build Process: The process for new construction is slightly different. For new build projects I typically charge a flat fee that includes my feedback on the plans, attendance at all builder meetings, engagement in all selections (including the builder’s design center or various retail outlets – usually a combination of both), and furniture selection/layout/styling if desired.

Purchasing and Mark-up: Note that, contrary to the norms of the industry, I do NOT charge a mark up on any furniture or other selections. Once selections are made, I will provide you with a detailed list of all items and links to purchase. When available, I will pass along my designer discount to you. I only charge you for my time so that you get the best value and know that my interests are only to provide you with a beautiful and functional space.